Kryssa Cable DC, CACCP, MS, BS

After earning a BS and MS in Biology at Wake Forest University, Dr. Kryssa Cable discovered Chiropractic.   The art and science of chiropractic transformed her life, so she returned to school to earn a  DC degree and she continues to study the many different forms of chiropractic today.  Dr. Kryssa consistently updates her practice to bring the most relevant and newest information to her treatments.  She uses traditional chiropractic as well as many low and non-force techniques including Network Spinal Analysis, CranioOsteopathy, neurologically based adjustments, Nasal Release Technique, Sacro-Occipital Technique, Cranialsacral, Applied Kinesiology, Muscle Testing, Webster Technique, and Myofascial Release. She also includes Frequency Specific Microcurrent as well as Nutrition recommendations and supplementation.  She attained the advanced CACCP certification for chiropractic treatment of pediatric patients.