Helping Jackson Crawl…


I feel A-MAZING!!!  Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!  I am totally looking forward to going back for my next visit!  Matt wanted me to make sure I share with you that he is so thankful for your generous help in every situation we have and, for going out of your way to help when we texted you outside of appointments with our random emergencies.  I don’t know anyone else who would do that for our Ella Rose.  THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!

Much love from the Hurley family.

P.S.  I am thoroughly enjoying this magazines you gave us.  Such great knowledge transfer…. a re-education : )


Noel had an amazing afternoon and evening.  It was the most alert, happy, and comfortable I have ever seen her since the accident.  She laughed aloud several times at my husband, ate 8 1/2 oz of food for dinner (after eating 3-4 oz at a time for the last several days), and she thoroughly enjoyed her evening bath for once!   But… the most miraculous moment came right after her bath. (Unfortunately, my husband and I had just run to the grocery store…)  Our evening nurse noticed Noel was staring at her intently and moving her mouth.  She encouraged her to try and talk.  When we have said this before, Noel will try and then cry in frustration.  Tonight she did it!!!  Noel was able to make purposeful noises – no crying!  The nurse said they were “ahhhh” sounds.  She fell asleep soon afterward, but I hope she will try again tomorrow!

Thanks again for all you did for Noel today.  I knew we had gone over the appointment time, but when we got in the car and I looked at my clock, I felt terrible!  I hope you know that I do not expect you to run over time.  Anyway, thank you so much for your insight and skill.

All the best,

Just wanted to say that the magic button is still working!  :)-  Our evening nurse gave Noel a nice massage and finished with the sacrum/ coccyx rub.  Noel was out like a light and slept on her stomach most of the night.  We taught the night nurse what to do and she said it worked over and over.  Noel woke up many times, but was able to go back to sleep quickly and painlessly.  No crying, no pain meds, NO SPASMS!  In fact, she just now woke up and is calm and peaceful.  I am confident that we can help her relax this week and get back to where we were or better.  I am also excited that the end to crying will help her trach hole completely close up.  Hooray!  Thanks so much for your help yesterday.  Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Very best wishes,

Just wanted to tell you that Noel continues to improve and gain back her range of motion.  She is all smiles this morning.

Many thanks


Hi Kryssa,

It was truly so great to be with you again today and to see everyone.  Caelum typed to me that he knows that you have the best impact on him and wanted

me to tell you this.  He said that the way you realign things in his body is going to make bigger changes than at any other time in the past …. how exciting!!

Love and light,